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We sell window cleaning kits and separate tools such as squeegees, buckets, scrapers. Our kits can be used for traditional as well as domestic and commercial such as window cleaning services. Maybe you are looking for telescopic poles, window squeegee’s or waterfed cart’s and other window cleaning accessories at a good price windowcleaningequipment.co.za sells these as well. Feel free to take a look at our product lineup and make a purchase. We want your shopping experience on this page to be a good one. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information if you don’t find it on this site.

Why Clean Your Own Windows?

window cleaning kit

window cleaning equipment

As a home owner you have two choices. You can either clean your own windows or you can let professional window cleaners do the job for you. For some people, they might not have the time or experience to spend on cleaning there own windows, hence the fact that they will get a professional window cleaning company to come and do the job for them. In a perfect world, this is a good thing, to let people do all the jobs you don’t want to do. The downer comes when you have to shell out your hard-earned cash to pay them and this is where buying your own cleaning tools can come in quite handy, for the cost that one or two cleans will rack up, you can purchase a window cleaning kit that will reach up to your 1st 2nd or even 3rd floor windows, you know the equipment is good because most of the cleaning companies that clean your windows are using the same stuff. The question is posed then: what will work for you? Some prefer a window cleaning service to come in and clean on a regular basis, others prefer to do the cleaning themselves or get their house manager to do the cleaning for them. The choice is yours. If you decide to go with one of our premium kits you will not be disappointed. We also sell complete water fed pole systems in addition to the traditional window cleaning equipment, that will eliminate the need for a ladder.clean windows

We offer all this equipment in kit form and separately, sold from our online store here

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That’s right, we deliver anywhere in South Africa to your door step via courier service. In fact we want your business so much that we offera R98.00 flat fee to all buyers. And if you’re worried about where we ship too, don’t. We deliver to Durban, Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and everywhere in between.

Window Glass Cleaners That Leave Your Window Clean Every Time

How To Order Your Equipment?

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for then simply click through and follow the prompts all the way to where you will be asked for your delivery details, receiver details and payment method. Simple as that.

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For those who want to make professional window cleaning a success, & even start their own window cleaning business we provide a variety of different window cleaning tools, these range from waterfed window cleaning equipment to traditional cleaning tools. For cleaning high windows we provide window cleaning poles as well as quality outdoor window cleaning tools that utilize pure water,(cleaning pure water)  and even cleaning tool holders.clean windows

Just To Recap

Window cleaning is an important part of keeping your property looking good. Use these tools to make sure you get the job done right!

Bucket, Cleaning & Polishing Cloths, Scraper ,Window Cleaning Poles, Brushes, Washer Sleeve, Squeegee, Waterfed Pole


Window Cleaning Equipment

You may think that a standard bucket from the corner store will do for cleaning windows, but this isn’t true. The shape and depth aren’t appropriate to properly wash your glass surfaces or scrubbing solution you want on hand when needed- so what’s an easy way? You could just buy one of these! Buy Now

Cleaning & Polishing Cloths

Window Cleaning Equipment

Paper towels are meant to soak up spills and cause streaks when used on a piece of glass. The best way around this problem is with microfiber cloths, which can easily get rid of any unwanted residue without leaving behind too much buildup.


Window Cleaning Equipment

The scraping tool is an essential and versatile tool used for removing debris from of your pane. Buy Now

Washer Or Applicator

Window Cleaning Equipment

Window cleaners use a washer to apply their cleaning solution. They come in an assortment of types and sizes to fit any job. You can also buy sleeves and T-bars separately. Some sleeves have abrasive pads, some are general cotton and some are microfiber. We sell the general use washer that fits into all three categories. Buy Here


Window Cleaning Equipment

The squeegee is a tool used by professionals to dry your glass pane and avoid cloudiness or smudges. It’s important that you replace the rubber blade when it becomes cracked so as not have any ineffective parts, but also make sure not too much time has passed since buying because this can dull its effectiveness. This tool is the backbone of a good window clean and buying the wrong squeegee can mean the difference between a clean window and a dirty window. A good squeegee will pull off all the dirty water with one pass leaving behind completely dry shimmering glass Buy Now

Window Cleaning Statistics

1. The average person spends about 3 hours a week cleaning windows.
2. The average cost of window cleaning equipment is about R1300
3. Window cleaning equipment is available in a variety of sizes and styles.
4. The most popular type of window cleaning equipment is the squeegee.
5. The average squeegee is about 35cm long.

  1. Residential window cleaning services make up a small percentage of all window cleaning services, some services include solar panel cleaning services and commercial window cleaning services.

Assuming you are referring to standard window cleaning equipment such as a squeegee, bucket, and scrubber, it is relatively easy to use. First, fill your bucket with warm water and soap. Next, wet your scrubber in the bucket and use it to clean the entire surface of the window. Once the window is clean, use your squeegee to remove the water from the window, starting at the top and moving down in a smooth, even motion.

Window cleaning equipment is very effective in cleaning windows. It can remove all the dirt, dust, and grime from the windows, leaving them sparkling clean.

There are a few different types of window cleaning equipment that are commonly used by professionals. The most common type is the squeegee. This is a tool that is used to remove water and debris from windows. It is made up of a handle, a blade, and a rubber blade. The rubber blade is used to push the water and debris off of the window, while the handle is used to hold the squeegee and to control the amount of pressure that is applied to the window.

There are many benefits of using window cleaning equipment. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can help to keep your windows clean. This is especially important if you live in an area with a lot of dust or pollen, as it can help to keep your windows free from these allergens. Additionally, window cleaning equipment can also help to remove any streaks or smears from your windows, giving them a clearer and more polished appearance.


There are many benefits of using window cleaning equipment. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can save you a lot of time and effort. For example, if you have a large window, it would take you a very long time to clean it by hand. However, if you have the right window cleaning equipment, it would only take a few minutes.

Another benefit of using window cleaning equipment is that it can help you to reach those difficult to reach places.

There are several drawbacks to using window cleaning equipment. First, it can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Second, it can be time consuming to set up and take down. Third, it can be difficult to reach some windows, especially those that are high up. Fourth, it can be dangerous to use, particularly if you are not experienced in doing so. Finally, it can be messy, especially if you are not careful.

There are several drawbacks to using window cleaning equipment. First, it can be expensive to purchase the equipment and keep it in good repair. Second, using the equipment can be time-consuming, and it may be necessary to hire someone to operate it. Third, the equipment can be dangerous to use, and accidents can occur. Finally, the equipment can damage the windows if it is not used properly.

A window cleaning pole is an essential tool for professional window cleaners. It allows them to reach windows that are out of the reach of a ladder and still clean them safely. The pole consists of two or more sections, usually made from aluminium or fibreglass, which can be extended up to several metres in length. It also has an attached brush at one end, which is used to scrub the window surfaces. The other end of the pole can be attached to a hose for added reach and pressure control. Window cleaning poles are also available in telescoping versions for even greater reach and maneuverability. Proper use of a window cleaning pole requires expertise, as it involves operating the tool at great heights. That is why it is important for professional window cleaners to receive training in how to use the pole safely and effectively.


Window cleaning poles provide a great way for window cleaners to access difficult-to-reach windows with ease and safety. By investing in the right equipment, they can ensure that each job is done quickly and properly, resulting in a streak-free finish. With the right care and maintenance, window cleaning poles can last for many years. This makes them a great long-term investment for professional window cleaners.