9 metre fibreglass waterfed pole. 5 sections of 1.8 metres to make 9 metres. Nylon angle adapter connected to 30cm brush complete with plastic pencil jets. Comes complete with 20 metres of hose.

Benefits of using a waterfed pole

The benefits of using a waterfed pole over the traditional window cleaning system of squeegee and washer are great. Cleaning at height becomes much more effective because of the use of water. Dirty windows and frames can be scrubbed and rinsed with ease, the speed of clean makes the user more efficient and caused less fatigue especially when cleaning large amounts of windows. The waterfed pole comes into its own though when cleaning houses close to the ocean, the salt air coats windows and frames with thick salty grime making cleaning a difficult chore, using the waterfed pole with reverse osmosis water can turn a long chore into an easy job leaving spotless frames and glass.

What comes with the 9 metre window cleaning pole

  • 9 metre fibreglass waterfed pole. 5 sections of 1.8 metres
  • Nylon angle adaptor with threaded end adaptor for brush
  • 30cm brush complete with jets
  • 20 metres of hose
  • Adaptor for hose end to fit a Gardiner end fitting or if ordered with pump, a male end fitting to connect to pump.

Compatible with either your garden hose or our waterfed pole pump, See here.